Your customers are part of your team. Bring them into the conversation.

As your customer's digital lives evolve, so will their expectations of the relationship you create with them.

It’s no surprise that consumers are expecting to use the same tools they use in their digital lives (like messaging, social networking and teamware) with the businesses they shop at.

Consumers are using messaging to communicate with businesses because it is immediate, convenient and delivers a greater sense of control and satisfaction.

Putting your business on the social graph brings your business right in alongside friends and family on the customer’s social graph and allows your business to harness the network effect of social sharing and referrals.

With the meteoric rise of business teamware platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams and GSuite, people who are using teamware in their jobs, also expect be able to collaborate with the businesses they shop at to share ideas for the product configurations they’d like to purchase in their private lives. Now is the time to embrace those new efficiencies for your customer relationship management.

All of this requires a big behavioral change in traditional retail and e-commerce business practices. The solution to this is straightforward: Treat your customers like part of your team, because they are.

Conversant is the first and only customer teamware platform that lets you bring your customers into your team, give them the luxury of their own private boardroom and the ultimate customer service experience. Let Conversant help you to bring your customer into the conversation.


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